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    Since 2000, we have been actively involved in researching the chemistry, biochemistry, and medicinal aspects of Marine Polyphenol, specifically focusing on eckols. Our collaboration with scientists worldwide has enabled us to explore the potential applications of Marine Polyphenol in various industries, including nutraceuticals, cosmetics, medicines, and food.

  • The establishment of mopscience.org is the culmination of the collective efforts of numerous scientists and application engineers. Over the past two decades, significant scientific discoveries have been made, highlighting the diverse health-related applications of Marine Polyphenol.

    Our goal at mopscience.org is to integrate scientific knowledge pertaining to Marine Polyphenols for the maximum benefit of both human and animal well-being.

    The life science of Marine Polyphenol is an emerging scientific field that has great potential in benefiting humanity thanks to its extraordinary health effects together with its non-toxic nature. We enthusiastically welcome scientific discussions and collaborations that aim to further the advancement of Marine Polyphenol for the betterment of humanity.

    Together, let's explore the limitless possibilities of Marine Polyphenol.



  • Howard Shin, PhD & Heather Hwang, PhD

Welcome to the fascinating world of Marine Polyphenol. We sincerely hope that your visit to this website will be enjoyable and enlightening.

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