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Marine Polyphenol

Marine Polyphenol uptake improves blood glucose.

A clinical study found that a dietary marine polyphenol extract from Ecklonia cava improves postprandial blood glucose level.

Marine Polyphenol
from Brown Algae

Supplementation with a Marine Polyphenol reduces body fat and increases muscle mass.

A clinical study found that a dietary marine polyphenol extract from Ecklonia cava reduces body fat, oxidative and inflammatory stress in overweight healthy subjects with abdominal obesity.

behind Cellular Health

Dieckol reaches endoplasmic reticulum and lowers cellular stress.

A study found that Dieckol, a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory marine polyphenol molecule crosses the BBB, localizes in endoplasmic reticulum of neurons and reduces ER stress.

Welcome to Marine Polyphenol Science

We are delighted to share the knowledge and discoveries we have gathered over two decades of research dedicated to transforming medicinal principles. Our focus lies in finding safe and effective solutions for chronic degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and cancer, without causing harmful side effects.

In the year 2000, our team of chemists embarked on a quest to identify non-toxic medicinal molecules capable of modifying the progression of chronic degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. It was during this pursuit that we stumbled upon a unique group of natural polyphenols derived from various species of brown algae. We named them "Marine Polyphenols" and were captivated by their distinctive molecular structure. However, at that time, we had yet to grasp their potential in the field of medicine. Since then, our team, alongside numerous other scientists worldwide, has been uncovering their remarkable therapeutic properties.

We believe that this website will provide valuable insights into groundbreaking therapeutic approaches for a wide range of previously untreatable diseases, all while avoiding toxicity and undesired side effects.

Thank you for visiting the this website (mopscience.org), and please feel free to explore the science behind Marine Polyphenols!


Howard Shin, PhD & Heather Hwang, PhD

Marine Polyphenol


Million years since brown algae appeared in the sea


Year of the world 1st New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) authorization of Marine Polyphenol by FDA


Year of the world 1st FDA's IND (Investigational New Drug) approval for Marine Polyphenol


Year of the world 1st EU Novel Food Ingredient (NFI) authorization for Marine Polyphenol

Recent Literatures

Mar Drugs, 2022

Marine Polyphenol Phlorotannins as a Natural Sleep Aid for Treatment of Insomnia: A Review of Sedative-Hypnotic Effects and Mechanism of Action.

Mar Drugs, 2022

Therapeutic Potential of Phlorotannin-Rich Ecklonia cava Extract on Methylglyoxal-Induced Diabetic Nephropathy in In Vitro Model.

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Cellular Health

Our body is made of trillions of cells that are perfectly orchestrated. Therefore, our health is impossible without cellular-level health, in short "cellular health". In other words, when cellular health is attained, our bodily health is naturally manifested.

As water is the most important and predominant medium in the universe upon which a life form can be formed and function, our health is absolutely dependent on it. However, “general water,” which we commonly encounter in our environments, contains disordered water molecules, whereas “biological water” or "cellular water" that composes life, such as our human body, contains a highly structured, liquid-crystalline water that can be called “hydro-network.”

We know we can never be happy without peaceful gut. Lately, close relationships between gut problem and many chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, metabolic syndromes and obesity are being revealed.

Based on all sorts of scientific evidences and non-toxic nature of MOP that have been found so far, MOP seems to be an unprecedented promoter for cellular health.